Grief, helicopters, & an unexpected trans story

Been a bit of a weird week for me. One of my friends from work died unexpectedly (but thankfully not violently) last weekend. I found out from Facebook around 5am on Monday morning (hadn’t been able to sleep, so resorted to checking the internet). Needless to say, none of us at day-job have been feeling particularly 100% this week, and all of us trying to absorb / accept / come to terms with the news in our own ways…

I’d bought a few ebooks to read on my breaks at work, and wanting to get my head into a different space, I opened the one I’d originally picked up as a “something different” impulse buy – it’s a lesbian romance by an author I’ve not read before. Turned out, one of the protagonists is trans, which I hadn’t realised (and may have induced me to buy it earlier – it’s not a new release!), and there were several incidents in the story which made me cry, not least of which the appearance of a young genderfluid person as a minor character. Proper snuffling-into-my-sleeve, I was at that point… rascal

So, as you can imagine from the above, I’ve been feeling a bit of an emotional mess, and on top of that? The Army have been doing one of their exercises in our area this week – came home on Tuesday to a gaggle of soldiers heaving gear in & out of vehicles just outside the village. You don’t often see a major exercise up our way (the Brecon Beacons is more their usual stomping ground), so it’s yet another thing out of the norm… and we’ve had helicopters overhead most nights because of it. Not very helpful when one is struggling to sleep, but still. At least I know it’s an exercise, and the worst that’ll happen to me is a poor night’s sleep.

So, anyway. Lots of things making my mind a bit of an unsettled place right now, which is why (if anyone’s wondering) I’m less chatty than usual on social media.

Here’s a picture of Rascal, the cat who adopted us, asking why I’m paying more attention to the laptop than to him…

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