New year, new… lots of things!

Sandra Lindsey/ January 18, 2020/ My life/ 0 comments

Last year turned out to be not at all the year I thought it would be. Lots of decisions & changes, and often when it came to those decisions I ultimately took the opposite path from what I would have predicted a few months earlier… ‘Year of the House’ at Lindsey Towers. We had hoped, at the start of the

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Severed – Scrabble Writing Prompt Challenge

Sandra Lindsey/ March 28, 2019/ free stories/ 0 comments

Last night, Twitter friend @EA_unadorned posted the following challenge: “Write a story or blog post using a word from my Scrabble board with @Exposing40 as a theme/title, tag me in, and I’ll give a prize to the best one!” I have no idea why, but the word that caught my eye was ‘severed’. Mentally, I rolled my eyes at myself

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February Reads

Sandra Lindsey/ March 26, 2019/ Books/ 0 comments

This is my 2nd attempt at this post – in the first version I listed everything chronologically in the order in which I finished reading it, but when I looked back over what I’d written it just didn’t feel right. Also, having read a couple of series this month it felt odd to be listing everything as individual titles when

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Post-Eroticon 2019 Thoughts

Sandra Lindsey/ March 24, 2019/ Conference, My life/ 2 comments

Note for people not coming here via the link-up of Eroticon write-ups: Some of the links in this post will take you to websites which may be deemed NSFW. Gosh, how to sum up last weekend at Eroticon? To be honest, for me, “lifechanging” would not be exaggerating. Not only did I spend the weekend with a fabulous group of

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‘A Ship on Her Beam Ends’

Sandra Lindsey/ March 22, 2019/ Conference, On writing, Thoughts/ 2 comments

Way back in 2016 I wrote a short story, Man of War, for Manifold Press‘s Jane Austen inspired anthology A Certain Persuasion. When this anthology was launched at Queer Company 2, all contributing authors were invited to write a short article, related to the story we had written, for the conference programme. As my story was set aboard a Royal Navy

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Pretentiousness level: High

Sandra Lindsey/ March 3, 2019/ Write Club/ 0 comments

We did a ‘Story Cards’ creative writing exercise at Write Club last Thursday. This involves writing a short piece of fiction (or the start of a longer piece) inspired by an illustrated card drawn from a set (of about 40 or 50). It’s traditional in our group to share what we’ve written in a session like this by reading it

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Eroticon Meet & Greet 2019!

Sandra Lindsey/ February 23, 2019/ Conference/ 6 comments

I’ve only been twice before (2015 & 2017), but Eroticon is definitely one of my favourite events, and I’d recommend it to anyone writing about adult relationships. It’s not just the content, it’s the people, but also there’s business-focused sessions you might not expect, and a wonderful community of people with such rich & varied life experiences that it’s a

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January Reads

Sandra Lindsey/ February 11, 2019/ Books/ 0 comments

(Including a few books read between 25th & 31st December) The Secret Lives of Colour, Kassia St Clair Not quite what I was expecting from the title & blurb, but ultimately more fascinating than I expected because of going into greater depth & detail of the history of colours, pigments, & dyes. Also has relevance to my day-job where I

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Something about a new year?

Sandra Lindsey/ February 3, 2019/ My life/ 0 comments

It’s February, so I thought I’d share a bit about my New Years Resolutions for 2019. You may be wondering “Isn’t it a bit late for that?” To which I say: Not really. I get a bit bored of reading about resolutions in the 1st week of January. All they are at that point is intentions, and yes I know

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Crumpets (part 1)

Sandra Lindsey/ June 29, 2018/ Recipe/ 0 comments

Today I learned two things in quick succession from this news article in the Graun: There is currently a CO2 shortage in the UK This is affecting the production of a number of food items, due to CO2 being required for use in their packaging, not least of which is crumpets! Oh no! What will we do without crumpets to

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