I don’t currently have any books or stories available in print, but I do have a free short story available below and other flash & short fiction posted in this site & collected in the categories ‘Free Stories‘ and ‘Short Story


Shelter From Storms

Originally published in Lashings of Sauce, an anthology in support of UK Meet, in 2012, click the book cover to download a revised edition in pdf format.

I have .mobi and .epub files available as well but need to find a plugin to get them uploaded here!

With his father killed and their family estates confiscated by revolutionaries, Louis escapes France with his life and the clothes on his back. Put ashore on the south coast of England, he makes his way to the home of the childhood friend he once swore he couldn’t live without.

On arrival at the home of Daniel and Harriet Elcott, Louis is made welcome but falls ill from the effects of his recent travails. Daniel hopes and prays for his friend’s recovery, and seeks to find a way to keep his long-lost love in his life now their fathers are no longer around to separate them.

Download pdf here