Bi, genderqueer, aromantic, geeky food-snob & readaholic. Also an inveterate storyteller, whether it’s the fictional stories she writes as Sandra Lindsey & talks about here, or the storytelling she does on the company social media at the day-job, Sandra is always asking not just the standard “who, what, where, when, why” but also “what if…?”

Fascinated by transport – not just the aircraft and ships you might find in her stories, she’s also rather keen on railways of all scales and gauges, and has been known to express fervent admiration of certain well-designed motorway junctions – and with a lifelong curiosity about people, she says writing is both a means of exploring different points of view, and a brilliant excuse for reading loads of books in the name of research!

Sandra primarily writes historical fiction featuring British LGBTQ characters and is published by Manifold Press. Details of her published work can be found on the ‘Books‘ page of this site. She lives in the beautiful mountains of Mid-Wales with her husband and small flock of chickens, in a house ruled by Socks the cat.