‘A Ship on Her Beam Ends’

Sandra Lindsey/ March 22, 2019/ Conference, On writing, Thoughts/ 2 comments

Way back in 2016 I wrote a short story, Man of War, for Manifold Press‘s Jane Austen inspired anthology A Certain Persuasion. When this anthology was launched at Queer Company 2, all contributing authors were invited to write a short article, related to the story we had written, for the conference programme. As my story was set aboard a Royal Navy

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Gladstone’s Library – 1st Thoughts

Sandra Lindsey/ April 30, 2017/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

I spent last weekend at Gladstone’s Library. Between my arrival on the Friday afternoon and when I packed up to check out on Sunday morning, I wrote over 9,000 words: mostly story drafts (of which I posted a short one the other day), but some of those words were drafts of blog posts, from thoughts I had while I was somewhere slightly

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Politics & Paranoia

Sandra Lindsey/ January 29, 2017/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

A lot of recent UK and US political events have made me feel ashamed to be a member of Western culture: the prejudice which has abounded, in many cases seemingly unchecked, is a frightening confirmation of how selfish, arrogant, and downright despicable humans can be. I sometimes feel like yelling “Just because we have a dark side doesn’t mean we

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News & thoughts

Sandra Lindsey/ December 10, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

First, some news: Under Leaden Skies was a finalist in the Rainbow Awards! (Category Gay – Historical) w00t! Yay, etc. Many thanks to Manifold Press for entering it (they enter all their books – one of the many reasons I chose to work with them), and to all the judges who volunteered their time to read, score & comment on

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Thoughts on Remembrance Sunday

Sandra Lindsey/ November 13, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

Anyone who has read my book Under Leaden Skies has hopefully seen the dedication; for those of you who haven’t, here it is: It’s an odd thing, writing a tale which revolves around and relies on war as one of its key underlying concepts, without feeling one is in some way glorifying it. For me personally, WW2 was something which

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