A view of mountains obscured by mist

Alex Pengaled

A person standing side-on to the camera in front of a grassy bank. The person is dressed in a blue fleece jacket and hat and has a scarf wrapped around their face so that only a small part of their eyes and nose can be seen.

Alex’s current profile pic to help you recognise them online.

Alex Pengaled writes fantasy stories set in alternate versions of contemporary and historic time periods where humans exist alongside dragons, fairies, dryads, mermaids, and other mythical beings. Their stories are inspired by and/or set in the corners of Wales they know & love, and occasionally feature cishet characters.

Find Alex online at Mastodon: @pengaled@wandering.shop Offline, they’re found south of Eryri and north of Afon Hafren unless they’ve gone off on adventures.

Alex Pengaled also writes queer historical fiction & romance as Sandra Lindsey (you may have noticed this is a page on Sandra’s website. Alex will be getting their own website soon)