Crumpets (part 1)

Sandra Lindsey/ June 29, 2018/ Recipe/ 0 comments

Today I learned two things in quick succession from this news article in the Graun: There is currently a CO2 shortage in the UK This is affecting the production of a number of food items, due to CO2 being required for use in their packaging, not least of which is crumpets! Oh no! What will we do without crumpets to

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Lebkuchen recipe

Sandra Lindsey/ January 4, 2017/ Recipe/ 0 comments

I’ve been asked a few times this year for “my” lebkuchen recipe, and I feel like a bit of a cheat claiming it as “mine” as, compared to other favourite recipes, I’ve done very little to change it and make it my own. If you’d like to check the differences between mine and the one I started from, head on

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Mince Pie Sunday (ish)

Sandra Lindsey/ November 29, 2015/ Recipe

In less than an hour it will officially be Advent, as the 1st Sunday of Advent falls in November this year, and in our family (as with several other families), means the start of mince pie eating season. Hence calling it Mince Pie Sunday. A few years ago I made my own mincemeat for the first time, and since then

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