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Sandra Lindsey/ November 12, 2017/ On writing/ 0 comments

Every so often when I’m writing I come across something which, when I look at it again, I realise “Oh! I wouldn’t have thought that a few years ago!” It’s not just age/maturity/extra life experience which causes these moments for me, it’s also where I live, how we live, and sometimes more exactly who else lives here… Our little village

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Sandra Lindsey/ April 13, 2017/ My life/ 0 comments

No, not the party game. I’ve been thinking this week about consequences of choices we make. I’m still trying to figure out a coherent way of expressing these thoughts, but hey, I’m a story teller, so I figure I’ll use borrow some tools from fiction-writing. First, the inciting incident: My Grandad died last week. Context: He was 89, but his

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News & thoughts

Sandra Lindsey/ December 10, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

First, some news: Under Leaden Skies was a finalist in the Rainbow Awards! (Category Gay – Historical) w00t! Yay, etc. Many thanks to Manifold Press for entering it (they enter all their books – one of the many reasons I chose to work with them), and to all the judges who volunteered their time to read, score & comment on

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Grief, helicopters, & an unexpected trans story

Sandra Lindsey/ October 14, 2016/ My life/ 0 comments

Been a bit of a weird week for me. One of my friends from work died unexpectedly (but thankfully not violently) last weekend. I found out from Facebook around 5am on Monday morning (hadn’t been able to sleep, so resorted to checking the internet). Needless to say, none of us at day-job have been feeling particularly 100% this week, and

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How to Make a Christmas Wreath (my way)

Sandra Lindsey/ December 24, 2015/ Christmas, Crafty things

I had to prune a few branches out of the Christmas tree, in order to make space for baubles to hang from rather than just sit on branches. “You could make a wreath for the front door from them,” husband suggested. So I asked Google how to do this, and every post I read said to start with a pre-made

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