Monthly Archives: September 2015

Adventures in the North-East

Sandra Lindsey/ September 22, 2015/ My life

(of England, that is!) Had a grand old time on our weekend away: Friday we went to Locomotion, part of the National Railway Museum. Didn’t have a lot of time there, but there were a couple of engines in steam and we found out they have a celebration of the Deltics coming up (Husband’s favourite engine) so there may be

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UK Meet part 2

Sandra Lindsey/ September 18, 2015/ Conference

Off on adventures with Husband this weekend, so thought I’d best scribble down some more of my thoughts about last weekend before I forget them! Sunday was a less-cram-packed day than Saturday. I wandered up to the Marriott for Quite Early, as we had been warned in advance that the Bristol Half Marathon was on that day and there would

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What not to say when pitching to a publisher

Sandra Lindsey/ September 16, 2015/ On writing

There are, I imagine, umpty-gazillion things one oughtn’t say during a pitch to a publisher, and what I said is only mildly wrong compared to many other things… “Of course, as we know, it’s not going to be the happy ever after they imagine because the changes in inheritance laws and tax and that will affect the estate, and even

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UK Meet 2015 – half way through!

Sandra Lindsey/ September 13, 2015/ Conference

Time seems to be flying, but in a wonderful way. UK Meet is still as friendly as ever, even with sometimes the drifting my quite numbers of people* Things done? Pirate walk round the centre of Bristol on Friday evening. Very interesting, and led by the fascinating Pirate Pete. As he made sure we knew, he was only able to

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Sandra Lindsey/ September 8, 2015/ On writing

It’s been a good week for inspiration. First I read Iain M Banks’s Player of Games which has kicked off my inner sci-fi lover. Got an idea floating about my brain regarding a genderless species – and there’s a character who’s been resident in me head for around 9 years now who might well be a member of that species!

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Less than a week to UK Meet!

Sandra Lindsey/ September 7, 2015/ Conference

Oh my word, I am so looking forward to UK Meet this weekend. In all honesty, I’ve been looking forward to this year’s meet since I realised I couldn’t afford to go to last year’s :-( And it’s nearly here! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone, and exchanging hugs and chatter with so many wonderful people who used to

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