It’s been a good week for inspiration.

First I read Iain M Banks’s Player of Games which has kicked off my inner sci-fi lover. Got an idea floating about my brain regarding a genderless species – and there’s a character who’s been resident in me head for around 9 years now who might well be a member of that species!

Then it was announced on the news that an even more ancient monument has been discovered buried near Stonehenge – my brain really perked up during an interview with the lead archeologist broadcast on BBC Radio 2 yesterday. Apparently the really huge thing about this ‘new’ henge is that it is aligned towards the east, in contrast to Stonehenge which is aligned to the solstice. So between the building of the two monuments there was a (please forgive me) monumental change in society and/or shift in the way people thought.

So now I have my old (but still unwritten due to my struggling to get my head around the research involved) stone age m/m.

I forsee lots of worldbuilding in my future. I ought to get back to my fairies at some point as well…