Sandra Lindsey/ September 22, 2015/ My life

(of England, that is!)

Had a grand old time on our weekend away: Friday we went to Locomotion, part of the National Railway Museum. Didn’t have a lot of time there, but there were a couple of engines in steam and we found out they have a celebration of the Deltics coming up (Husband’s favourite engine) so there may be another trip there in the near future. Only slight fly in the ointment is that it’s the same weekend as brother-in-law’s wedding in Oxfordshire… but at least he’s getting married on the Friday and the Deltic event is on Sat/Sun!

After an evening wandering round Durham, we set off for a day out at Beamish on Saturday. Glorious weather! I don’t think it’s possible to see everything at Beamish in one day these days, so it’s a good thing the tickets are valid for a year! We spent most of our time in the 1900s Pit Village and Colliery – very useful given some of the extra scenes & setting I need to add into my story is in a mining village. We also visited their 1900s Agricultural Show, and found that not much has changed there in the past century – add a few stalls selling posh stoves, solar panels and the like, and have people arrive by car and you’ve basically got the same as our local agricultural show we go to in August…

Sunday was the event we’d originally planned the weekend around: Harrogate Flower Show. We had a good look round, bought some plants and bulbs, and were baffled as usual by the amount of *stuff* people sell & buy that apparently is related to gardening. Metal sculptures seem to be rather a thing at the moment; a while ago it was wooden ones. Either way, there’d be no point us getting anything like that, the chickens would see to its swift demise.

…and then we came home again. A short break, but we packed a reasonable amount of things in. I’ll get some photos up when I find a bit of time…

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