Less than a week to UK Meet!

Oh my word, I am so looking forward to UK Meet this weekend.

In all honesty, I’ve been looking forward to this year’s meet since I realised I couldn’t afford to go to last year’s :-(

And it’s nearly here!

Very much looking forward to seeing everyone, and exchanging hugs and chatter with so many wonderful people who used to just be names I looked up to in awe – the awe’s still there (so many amazing writers!) but now there’s also fuzzy warm feelings of friendship :-)

So my weekend will look something like this:

Friday early afternoon: arrive in Bristol, book into hotel (I’m staying at the same place I stayed for Eroticon)

Friday late afternoon: Pirate walk! (Mustn’t forget cash for this)

Friday evening: early night at hotel. Yeah, I’m skipping out on the Friday night entertainment – not because I don’t think it will be fabulous (it will!), but because by the time it gets to Friday I’ll have worked 11 days straight, and had a pretty tough week before that which involved a few 12+ hour days. So I want to make sure I wake up bright & early & full of beans for…

Saturday daytime: going to panels, and co-hosting a table at the Utterly Authorly section of Buffet of Banter, also pitching a story, listening to keynote speech.

Saturday evening: Gala dinner! With entertainment! And hopefully I’ll remember to pack a dress & shoes & suchlike, else I may have to do a super-quick shopping trip (eep!)

Sunday daytime: more panels, another keynote speech

Sunday evening: train home. Sob incoherently all the way because it’s over for another year

Monday: back to day-job, a weird mixture of sad because it’s over for another year, and super-bouncy, over the moon because of how awesome it was.

…and I really do hope to see & chat to many many people while I’m there.