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Severed – Scrabble Writing Prompt Challenge

Sandra Lindsey/ March 28, 2019/ free stories/ 0 comments

Last night, Twitter friend @EA_unadorned posted the following challenge: “Write a story or blog post using a word from my Scrabble board with @Exposing40 as a theme/title, tag me in, and I’ll give a prize to the best one!” I have no idea why, but the word that caught my eye was ‘severed’. Mentally, I rolled my eyes at myself

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Meeting the Sunderland

Sandra Lindsey/ July 15, 2017/ My books/ 0 comments

It’s nearly a year now since Under Leaden Skies was released. It seems both far longer and far shorter than that – I’ve certainly learned a lot in the last 12 months, and my writing has developed in ways I hadn’t expected. My confidence has too – I’ve had to come to terms with being seen by some people as

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Weekend Writing Snippet

Sandra Lindsey/ April 23, 2017/ free stories/ 0 comments

As anyone who follows me on either Twitter or Facebook is likely to already have noticed, I spent this weekend at Gladstone’s Library in North Wales on a writing retreat organised by my lovely publishers, Manifold Press. Over dinner on the Friday night, we discussed their current anthology project ‘A Call To Arms’, for stories set during WW2. Heloise Mezen,

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News & thoughts

Sandra Lindsey/ December 10, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

First, some news: Under Leaden Skies was a finalist in the Rainbow Awards! (Category Gay – Historical) w00t! Yay, etc. Many thanks to Manifold Press for entering it (they enter all their books – one of the many reasons I chose to work with them), and to all the judges who volunteered their time to read, score & comment on

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Thoughts on Remembrance Sunday

Sandra Lindsey/ November 13, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

Anyone who has read my book Under Leaden Skies has hopefully seen the dedication; for those of you who haven’t, here it is: It’s an odd thing, writing a tale which revolves around and relies on war as one of its key underlying concepts, without feeling one is in some way glorifying it. For me personally, WW2 was something which

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The places I’ve been…

Sandra Lindsey/ August 6, 2016/ My books/ 0 comments

To celebrate the launch of Under Leaden Skies this week, I’ve been on a little blog-tour. If you’re interested, and you missed any of the links I posted on the day of each appearance, the links are gathered here: Charlie Cochrane interviewed me on Wednesday. I was so pleased when she agreed to host me on her blog, as she’s

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Sunderland flying boats

Sandra Lindsey/ August 4, 2016/ My books/ 1 comments

I was going to write here a post filled with all the awesomely fantastic facts I learned about Sunderland flying boats during the course of my research, but then I thought: really? I know I’m super-interested in them, but that’s because I’ve been reading & learning about them for over 4 years now… and it did take me a week

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Popping up all over the place!

Sandra Lindsey/ August 3, 2016/ My books/ 0 comments

Today I’ve been visiting The Macaronis to chatter about research and one of my favourite places online for doing that, and I also popped my head round the door of Charlie Cochrane’s gaff. She grilled me – mercilessly, I tell you! – with a whole range of writing-related questions. So, if you want to know who I’d call on to

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Out in the wild at last!

Sandra Lindsey/ August 2, 2016/ My books/ 0 comments

So, Under Leaden Skies was released yesterday. I find I’m feeling a lot more higgledy-piggledy about it than I thought I would… I mean, I’ve known these characters for 4 years! I put their story to one side for at least 2 years, but still they nagged at me, and I’ve been wanting to share them and their story with

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Cover Story

Sandra Lindsey/ July 1, 2016/ Stories about stories/ 2 comments

Having been hanging round with various writerly types for over 10 years now, I’ve heard my fair share of stories about book covers going wrong, or it taking an absolute age to find a design which both author and publisher are happy with. I think it’s fair to say that working with Manifold Press on the cover design for Under

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