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Severed – Scrabble Writing Prompt Challenge

Sandra Lindsey/ March 28, 2019/ free stories/ 0 comments

Last night, Twitter friend @EA_unadorned posted the following challenge: “Write a story or blog post using a word from my Scrabble board with @Exposing40 as a theme/title, tag me in, and I’ll give a prize to the best one!” I have no idea why, but the word that caught my eye was ‘severed’. Mentally, I rolled my eyes at myself

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New stories out soon – Call To Arms anthology

Sandra Lindsey/ September 27, 2017/ Stories about stories/ 0 comments

I’ve spent most of the last year writing – or trying to write – short stories. Most failed at the first hurdle: I found out while writing that the story was too long to be short, so those ideas have been put to one side to be worked on later. Thankfully, I did eventually manage to write two stories which

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Here & There

Sandra Lindsey/ March 28, 2017/ My life/ 0 comments

So back when I wrote my post about 10 things I brought back from Eroticon? I should have included a stinking cold on the list… It wasn’t too bad initially, just a bit of a sniffle that developed into mild con-crud… I’d booked the week off work anyway, seeing as my birthday was on the Tuesday – but then it

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