A Matter of Personal Taste – KOTW

“Boss wants to see you.”

Geraldino paused in his task of cleaning the hallway skirting boards and looked up at the messenger boy. “Are you taking over here?”

“If you need me to.”

“Good.” He stood, straightened his clothing, and handed the cleaning rag to the boy before striding down the corridor to seek their employer.

Matthew Crowthorne, owner and manager of the private gentlemen’s club that bore his name, sat behind his sturdy and imposing oak desk with a set of account books spread out before him and next to them – looking incongruous in the office if one didn’t know the type of members-only club this was – a glass dildo.

“Lord Abernaulty thanks you for the loan, Gerald. I’ve had it cleaned for you.”

“My thanks. Did he enjoy it?”

“He came closer to smiling than I’ve ever seen before. He also expressed an interest in acquiring a collection of such toys. I said I would look into the matter for him. Would you be able to source a variety of items in that vein?”

Geraldino smiled and nodded. “For a fee.”

“Naturally.” Crowthorne smiled back. “I’ll be adding the club’s fee on top of whatever price you tell me. I’m damned glad we’ve found something his lordship likes at last. I was nearing the end of my tether with his demands regarding a subject I know little about.”

“You’ve not played with dildos?” Geraldino felt his surprise show on his face. He’d imagined a man in Crowthorne’s position would have sampled every delight of the flesh he could before setting out to satisfy other men’s desires.

“Never really seen the need when there’s plenty eager to please with flesh and blood cocks.” He paused. “Is it worth the extra fuss and expense?”

“Depends on personal taste. If you’d like to experiment, I’d be delighted to assist.”

Crowthorne eyed him thoughtfully. “Your offer is noted, Mr Firenzi. Let me know if you need any particular time away from your usual duties to make arrangements for his lordship’s request. I am given to understand that we should expect him at his usual time next week.”

“Thank you, sir.” He knew a dismissal when he heard one, but since Crowthorne hadn’t outright turned down his offer, he made sure the glass dildo caught the daylight as he picked it up, scattering sunbeams across the paperwork on his employer’s desk. Always good to leave a man asking questions of himself, and wondering what might be.


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