How to Make a Christmas Wreath (my way)

I had to prune a few branches out of the Christmas tree, in order to make space for baubles to hang from rather than just sit on branches.

“You could make a wreath for the front door from them,” husband suggested.

So I asked Google how to do this, and every post I read said to start with a pre-made ring – either metal which one fills with moss, or made from straw/twigs/foam. It was a bit late (and muddy!) for going out & finding suitable twigs from the garden so I put my thinking cap on and did the following…

  1. Grab newspaper (one you’ve already read!), and roll several sheets diagonally
  2. Twist & form these newspaper rolls into a ring. I used a cake tin to help me with the shape
  3. Tie it all in place. I only had standard cotton string to hand, which was good for strength but had disadvantages you’ll see later…
  4. Take each branch in turn, cut them to 5″-12″ and tie them onto the newspaper ring (views here from front & back)
    wreath3 wreath4
  5. Work out which bit you want to be the top, find some ribbon & tie a bow there
  6. Allow the cat to inspect your handiwork (especially since I’d shrieked at her for pouncing claws-out on me when I was untangling the string in steps 3 & 4)
  7. Find something shiny or seasonal to tie on around the wreath. I used these shiny parcel-style baubles we used to have on our little tree in the old house, and I positioned them to cover the far-too-visible string
  8. Tie a ribbon to the top, and hang on the front door :-)