A View across the Valley

Sandra Lindsey/ January 20, 2017/ Books/ 0 comments

“A View across the Valley: Short Stories by Women from Wales c. 1850-1950” was one of the first Honno books I added to my wishlist after attending their 30th birthday celebration last September. One of the speakers, talking about the diversity of the Honno Classics series, spoke quite movingly about compiling this anthology: discovering Welsh womens’ writing in old publications,

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Gaudy Night

Sandra Lindsey/ January 10, 2017/ Books/ 0 comments

I’m not sure I should admit this, given the company I often keep at writerly events, but… Gaudy Night is the first of Dorothy L Sayers’s Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries I have ever read! I’ve been aware of his importance in the canon of literary detectives, and have occasionally heard part of a radio adaptation on Radio 4, but those adaptations haven’t

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Lebkuchen recipe

Sandra Lindsey/ January 4, 2017/ Recipe/ 0 comments

I’ve been asked a few times this year for “my” lebkuchen recipe, and I feel like a bit of a cheat claiming it as “mine” as, compared to other favourite recipes, I’ve done very little to change it and make it my own. If you’d like to check the differences between mine and the one I started from, head on

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Beguiling Miss Bennet

Sandra Lindsey/ January 3, 2017/ Books/ 0 comments

So I finished the first of my 5 Books for January. Beguiling Miss Bennet is collection of Austen-inspired short stories published by Honno Press. I added it to my Amazon wishlist after being impressed by Honno’s attitude and values when I attended their 30th birthday shindig back in September. But that’s really just me waffling, and avoiding the crux of the

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Recap & reflections

Sandra Lindsey/ January 2, 2017/ My life/ 0 comments

So, with the hangover dealt with, and the Bank Holiday sliding from ‘afternoon’ to ‘evening’, I figured I’d jot down some of the thoughts I’ve had… 2016, in the Lindsey household, has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. Ignoring politics (because I just don’t want to go there… more later). This time last year our main income was from self-employment –

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Lots of reading to be done!

Sandra Lindsey/ January 1, 2017/ Books/ 0 comments

The lovely @sexblogofsorts over on Twitter has invited anyone who wishes to, to join in her #charliesnanoremo by reading 5 books this month. Here’s mine: I feel like I’m cheating as these books were all Christmas gifts, I read pretty quickly, and I generally do read Christmas books during January. So I’m going to commit to posting something about each

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News & thoughts

Sandra Lindsey/ December 10, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

First, some news: Under Leaden Skies was a finalist in the Rainbow Awards! (Category Gay – Historical) w00t! Yay, etc. Many thanks to Manifold Press for entering it (they enter all their books – one of the many reasons I chose to work with them), and to all the judges who volunteered their time to read, score & comment on

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Thoughts on Remembrance Sunday

Sandra Lindsey/ November 13, 2016/ Thoughts/ 0 comments

Anyone who has read my book Under Leaden Skies has hopefully seen the dedication; for those of you who haven’t, here it is: It’s an odd thing, writing a tale which revolves around and relies on war as one of its key underlying concepts, without feeling one is in some way glorifying it. For me personally, WW2 was something which

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Grief, helicopters, & an unexpected trans story

Sandra Lindsey/ October 14, 2016/ My life/ 0 comments

Been a bit of a weird week for me. One of my friends from work died unexpectedly (but thankfully not violently) last weekend. I found out from Facebook around 5am on Monday morning (hadn’t been able to sleep, so resorted to checking the internet). Needless to say, none of us at day-job have been feeling particularly 100% this week, and

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Tales from the Chicken House: The Corn Conspiracy (part 3)

Sandra Lindsey/ October 5, 2016/ free stories/ 0 comments

…and I’m back with more story. Apologies for the wait, we’ve had issues with my laptop refusing to connect to the network or internet… seems to be sorted now, but has resulted in a delay of a month before I could post this next bit of the serialised story I’ve been writing for our village newsletter. Part 1 and part

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