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Sandra Lindsey/ August 21, 2015/ My life

So many good things been whizzing round my head since my trip to Bristol for Eroticon, and so many more to look forward to when I return there in a few weeks’ time for UK Meet, but right now? I just can’t quite get up any energy let alone show how bouncy & excited I’m feeling… Had ‘Write Club’ (not

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Sandra Lindsey/ August 18, 2015/ Conference, My life

Catching up with an old friend from Uni the other day, I happened to mention that I recently went to a fab writers conference, for erotica writers and sex bloggers. He replied, “Is that the one Ruby organises?” Of course, when he added that he only knows Ruby from Twitter, I enthused at him to come along to Eroticon sometime…

Looking back over the last fortnight

Sandra Lindsey/ August 9, 2015/ My life

A week ago today, I was at Eroticon*, a fortnight ago I was standing in the drizzle at Brigands Roundabout, being a marshall for the motorcycle ride-out. Both of these things affected me in different, but overwhelmingly positive, ways. Over the past 12-18 months I’ve been conciously working on being more accepting of myself. Things I’ve ignored, or hidden/buried, or

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