So many good things been whizzing round my head since my trip to Bristol for Eroticon, and so many more to look forward to when I return there in a few weeks’ time for UK Meet, but right now? I just can’t quite get up any energy let alone show how bouncy & excited I’m feeling…

Had ‘Write Club’ (not its real name) over in Machynlleth last night, and we slightly over-ran, ending at 10pm instead of 9:30pm. “Oh bugger,” I said, “better run, I’ve gotta drive to Oxford.”

“What now?”

“Well it’s either drive down now or at 5:30am tomorrow…”

…and that’s just kind of normal for the moment. School holidays are busy times in our trade as a lot of work comes from schools, and this summer seems stupidly busy even compared to most – but if you’ve got a day free, it’s the time to take the work when it’s offered..

Good thing I have no shame about going to bed before 9pm when I need to though!