Lots of reading to be done!

The lovely @sexblogofsorts over on Twitter has invited anyone who wishes to, to join in her #charliesnanoremo by reading 5 books this month. Here’s mine:

Beguiling Miss Bennet; Gaudy Night; A View Across the Valley; Chocolat; Parachutes and Petticoats

5 books for me to read this January

I feel like I’m cheating as these books were all Christmas gifts, I read pretty quickly, and I generally do read Christmas books during January. So I’m going to commit to posting something about each one as well.

Once I’ve finished reading my current book (Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman, also a Christmas gift) I’ll be starting with Beguiling Miss Bennet. I nearly started it yesterday, but then wimped out because I loved all the stories in A Certain Persuasion so much they’re practically head-canon for me now… Well, I’ll see in a few days’ time :-)

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