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Grief, helicopters, & an unexpected trans story

Sandra Lindsey/ October 14, 2016/ My life/ 0 comments

Been a bit of a weird week for me. One of my friends from work died unexpectedly (but thankfully not violently) last weekend. I found out from Facebook around 5am on Monday morning (hadn’t been able to sleep, so resorted to checking the internet). Needless to say, none of us at day-job have been feeling particularly 100% this week, and

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Tales from the Chicken House: The Corn Conspiracy (part 3)

Sandra Lindsey/ October 5, 2016/ free stories/ 0 comments

…and I’m back with more story. Apologies for the wait, we’ve had issues with my laptop refusing to connect to the network or internet… seems to be sorted now, but has resulted in a delay of a month before I could post this next bit of the serialised story I’ve been writing for our village newsletter. Part 1 and part

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