Monthly Archives: November 2015

Mince Pie Sunday (ish)

Sandra Lindsey/ November 29, 2015/ Recipe

In less than an hour it will officially be Advent, as the 1st Sunday of Advent falls in November this year, and in our family (as with several other families), means the start of mince pie eating season. Hence calling it Mince Pie Sunday. A few years ago I made my own mincemeat for the first time, and since then

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Settings, I think I hate them right now

Sandra Lindsey/ November 20, 2015/ On writing

I’m considering choosing which story to write next based on how many different places the tale takes place in. Having spent arggh-many hours finding out, reading up on, looking at pictures of, and in some cases visiting, all the different places, aircraft and buildings which my main characters in Under Leaden Skies live and work in, I’ve just right now

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Sandra Lindsey/ November 17, 2015/ On writing

The Wales Rally GB were around near our village last week. It doesn’t usually affect me as I tend to stick to the main roads once winter weather starts coming in but this year it co-incided with a week when I was heading over to Mach for Write Club on Thursday evening and to avoid the roads the rally uses

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Different kinds of stories

Sandra Lindsey/ November 3, 2015/ On writing

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about my reasons for writing stories, and realised it can’t ever be pinned down because each story has its own reason for me writing it. Some stories are about exploring a mood, some stem from learning something really cool* and wanting to share it with others, and some just need to be written. Like

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