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It’s raining and I love it!

Sandra Lindsey/ August 23, 2015/ My life

It’s the middle of August and here in Mid Wales it is absolutely peeing it down. Many people dislike, and complain about, rain in summer time, and for some people I can understand their dislike: crops can be ruined, having a devastating effect on farmers’ incomes, and people whose business relies on passing tourist trade can be equally devastated by

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Sandra Lindsey/ August 21, 2015/ My life

So many good things been whizzing round my head since my trip to Bristol for Eroticon, and so many more to look forward to when I return there in a few weeks’ time for UK Meet, but right now? I just can’t quite get up any energy let alone show how bouncy & excited I’m feeling… Had ‘Write Club’ (not

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Sandra Lindsey/ August 18, 2015/ Conference, My life

Catching up with an old friend from Uni the other day, I happened to mention that I recently went to a fab writers conference, for erotica writers and sex bloggers. He replied, “Is that the one Ruby organises?” Of course, when he added that he only knows Ruby from Twitter, I enthused at him to come along to Eroticon sometime…

Perspective and perception

Sandra Lindsey/ August 17, 2015/ On writing

Had a reminder this evening of the limitations characters can be placed under which affect their perspective and perception of the world around them. I’m often seen (and recognised!) by the baseball cap I habitually wear when out of the house. It’s a John Deere one, and at 7 years old it’s starting to show its age. I got in

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Looking back over the last fortnight

Sandra Lindsey/ August 9, 2015/ My life

A week ago today, I was at Eroticon*, a fortnight ago I was standing in the drizzle at Brigands Roundabout, being a marshall for the motorcycle ride-out. Both of these things affected me in different, but overwhelmingly positive, ways. Over the past 12-18 months I’ve been conciously working on being more accepting of myself. Things I’ve ignored, or hidden/buried, or

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Eroticon 2015 day two

Sandra Lindsey/ August 2, 2015/ Conference

I’ve got a bit of a sad face on right now because I’m back home after an absolutely fabulous weekend. All good things and all that… So, what did I get up to today? First session I joined was on photography – both taking and editing photos. I think I won the “best excuse for not currently using an SLR”

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Eroticon 2015 day one

Sandra Lindsey/ August 1, 2015/ Conference

Early start this morning to get down to Bristol for the 9-9:30am start of Eroticon, but it’s definitely been worth it. Firstly, for anyone thinking of coming, it’s one of those fabulously friendly conferences, similar (for me) to UK Meet and Queer Company – supportive & collaborative rather than competitive. Yay! So, what have I been up to? The programme

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