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Sandra Lindsey/ November 12, 2017/ On writing/ 0 comments

Every so often when I’m writing I come across something which, when I look at it again, I realise “Oh! I wouldn’t have thought that a few years ago!” It’s not just age/maturity/extra life experience which causes these moments for me, it’s also where I live, how we live, and sometimes more exactly who else lives here… Our little village

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Sandra Lindsey/ November 17, 2015/ On writing

The Wales Rally GB were around near our village last week. It doesn’t usually affect me as I tend to stick to the main roads once winter weather starts coming in but this year it co-incided with a week when I was heading over to Mach for Write Club on Thursday evening and to avoid the roads the rally uses

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It’s raining and I love it!

Sandra Lindsey/ August 23, 2015/ My life

It’s the middle of August and here in Mid Wales it is absolutely peeing it down. Many people dislike, and complain about, rain in summer time, and for some people I can understand their dislike: crops can be ruined, having a devastating effect on farmers’ incomes, and people whose business relies on passing tourist trade can be equally devastated by

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Perspective and perception

Sandra Lindsey/ August 17, 2015/ On writing

Had a reminder this evening of the limitations characters can be placed under which affect their perspective and perception of the world around them. I’m often seen (and recognised!) by the baseball cap I habitually wear when out of the house. It’s a John Deere one, and at 7 years old it’s starting to show its age. I got in

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