Something about a new year?

It’s February, so I thought I’d share a bit about my New Years Resolutions for 2019.

You may be wondering “Isn’t it a bit late for that?”
To which I say: Not really. I get a bit bored of reading about resolutions in the 1st week of January. All they are at that point is intentions, and yes I know a lot of people feel that sharing them makes them feel more accountable & likely to stick to them, but for me it just makes me stressed & anxious to share plans if I don’t know whether I’ll be able to follow through or not…

All of which is a bit of a long intro. I’ll just get on with the sharing now, shall I?


1. Keep better track of what I read

I read a lot. As in, when left to my own devices my favourite activity is to read, and I can read most books in a few hours kind of “a lot”. But.

I’ve never been able to quantify my reading habits more than that, and though in most ways this hasn’t really bothered me much, I am seeing & hearing more and more discussions between friends about how many books they have read this year/month, and which books they were, and what they thought of them. And then scrolling through my kindle or looking at my bookshelves I keep being surprised by how many books I don’t remember having read – and not because I didn’t enjoy them, but because I don’t record or track my reading habits.

So I’m making a concerted effort this year to use my Goodreads account to keep track of what I’ve read & when. At the moment that’s all I’m actively doing over there. I may start adding reviews to some at some point, but my aim with resolutions is to make them achievable goals.

I’d like to start using this blog to record some of my thoughts about what I read as well, but for now if you’re at all interested in seeing how eclectic my reading choices are, feel free to send a friend request (or whatever one does over at GR). I’m Sandra Lindsey & have the same profile picture as always…

2. Get back to doing more exercise

Last year a Sports Club started up in our village, and I enthusiastically joined in with virtually everything on offer. But then the hot summer struck, I flake out on pretty much everything outside dayjob & things one needs to do to stay alive, and didn’t manage to get back into the habit of going when the weather cooled down again.

So – new year, new start!

I’ve cut down my goals with going to Sports Club – again, I’m looking for a long term sustainable achievement rather than leaping head first into doing all the things. Sports Club runs 2 nights/week for 2 hours each session.

I’m aiming to go for at least 1 hour of the Monday session.

So far, ¾ success rate with this, though that’s because I twisted my knee in the 3rd week & though I’m recovering at a fairly rapid pace I didn’t feel up to running on it just yet this week. Planning to go back again next Monday though.

3. Give myself a year off from writing

Yeah, this one probably sounds odd when I summarise it like this. What I mean by it is I’m taking the pressure off myself to write for publication this year. I’ve managed to get myself into a very stressful frame of mind around writing over the past couple of years & it’s just been getting worse the last few months of 2018. So. Pressure off. Focus on other things (Manifold Press, Monty Lit Fest) & only write when I’m in the right frame of mind to.

So apologies to anyone who’s still waiting to hear more about Teddy or Cheeks, or for me to revise & expand short stories you’ve beta read for me, or to complete any of the stories I’ve mentioned writing… but if I tried to do any of those things at the moment the results just wouldn’t be worth it.

And the good news is – it’s working! Instead of spending hours staring at a computer screen trying to translate my thoughts into words that make sense to other people, I’m spending time world building, and engaging in deep thinking about characters & their motivations & conflicts… so when I do sit down to the “putting words together” part of writing, I feel much more relaxed about it & I think it shows.

And of course, all that world & character building can be done while part of my brain is engaged in other tasks. Yay!

That’s it! I figured 3 was a good number of resolutions to have. I’ve ended up warbling on about them more than I intended, but I think that gives you a better picture of where my head is at in regard to all this writing & publishing malarky.

‘til next time!

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