Tales from the Chicken House: The Corn Conspiracy (part 1)

I recently became involved with our village newsletter, and in wondering what I might contribute to this august publication (circulation: 150 households, price: free), I started writing a story…

…and then I thought “Why not post it to my blog as well?”, so here we are.


Tales from the Chicken House: The Corn Conspiracy

“Pellets?” squawked Mrs B, fluffing her feathers in indignation as she inspected the contents of their feeder, “Just pellets? Where’s our corn?”ep-1-mrs-b-cropped

“No corn?” asked Blackadder, “Again? I’ll raise a complaint with the humans!” Standing on his perch and puffing out his chest, he crowed as loudly as he could, “Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-…”

“Oh do shut up!” cried Miss Q, pulling on Blackadder’s tail with her beak, “Some of us are trying to sleep!”

“Sleep?” Mrs B hopped from one foot to the other and flapped her wings, “How can you sleep when we are being denied our fair ration of corn? We should rise up in protest! Tell the humans what we think of their paltry offering of just pellets!”

“Oh for goodness’ sake!” grumbled Miss Q, “Go outside if you need to squawk. The human’s opened the door now.”

“So they have! Maybe they put some corn out there?” Mrs B ran outside to look but found only a couple of mealworms left on the floor from the previous evening. After tidying those up, she jumped up onto a perch and preened while waiting for the other chickens to wake up and join her.

To be continued….

Part 2 now available here!

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